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Property Owner Testimonial

Capital Greens took over our lawn and made it a useful piece of land.

We offered our backyard to Mat and when it came time to plant he made adjustments for our flower gardens.  He created vegetable rows and didn’t disturb our flowers or our outdoor living space. 

No more lawn maintenance!

No more wondering what veggies we will have for dinner!

The planting crew created garden rows quickly, left our yard in beautiful shape and kept a clean workplace.  We were never inconvenienced and barely noticed the comings and goings of the gardener.

The concept is brilliant and the product supreme.

Top notch professional idea, implementation and attitude.

Can't wait to have them back next year.

-Anne Donald, Property Owner

Chef’s Testimonial

“The produce is local, and harvested just a couple of hours before I receive it at the restaurant. The quality of the produce shows the passion, time, care and patience that went into growing them. Where else can you get that in the heart of the city? A Chef's dream to work with a farmer who shares the same passion and love for food!" 

- Mark Esguerra (Executive Chef, Blue Cactus Bar and Grill)